Employment Services

Nova Center is certified by the Missouri Department of Mental Health to provide job preparation, job discovery and community employment services.

Nova Center staff will assist the individual by:

  • Conducting an assessment to identify specific training and supports needed to assist the individual to develop the social, interpersonal, and community living skills necessary to function successfully in an employment setting;
  • Exploring with the individual emotions and behaviors that are self-defeating and provide assistance in reframing perceptions and changing or modifying behaviors.
  • Assisting the individual in improving the ability to follow instructions, constructing daily schedule/task lists, organizing tasks, and self-monitoring completion;
  • Developing strategies with the individual that improve and enhance the ability to focus and lessen distractions;
  • Developing an understanding of the need for healthy hygiene, enhancing skills in grooming and proper dress, and maintaining clothing, bathing, makeup/skincare, and hair care, (e.g., proper appearance for job interviews);
  • Developing skills in utilizing transportation options (e.g. identify and practice bus routes);
  • Discussing paychecks, taxes, savings, money management and budgeting, and assisting the individual in locating and utilizing banks and other community services;
  • Discussing confidentiality and decision-making regarding personal disclosure of disability and mental health services;
  • Developing and practicing effective communication skills such as active listening skills;
  • Assisting the individual in developing and practicing appropriate interpersonal skills for interacting with others;
  • Teaching skills for identifying and resolving problems with others, and developing and practicing skills in negotiation, problem solving, and giving feedback;
  • Exploring sources of stress and pressure and identifying specific resources and strategies for managing and coping;
  • Exploring strategies for coping with and reducing stressors that interfere with functioning;
  • Developing skills to reduce inappropriate behaviors and implement self-management strategies;
  • Assisting the individual in developing an action plan that includes dealing with changing or increasing symptoms and crisis situations;
  • Helping the individual develop self-monitoring skills regarding behavior, appearance and mental health functioning;
  • Providing skills training to improve self-assertion skills and ability to socialize with friends, neighbors, co-workers, and others;
  • Identifying supportive friends, neighbors, co-workers, and others; discuss relationship building (e.g., ride sharing, lunch hour interactions, etc)
  • Promoting and encouraging the development of natural supports that enhance social interaction and acceptance of the individual;
  • Visiting the individual at the worksite and other community settings to observe hygiene, dress and self-care behaviors.