Training & Development Services

Nova trainings are free for parents and guardians of the persons we serve. If space is available, other agencies may attend our trainings on a fee per training basis.

Nova Center staff are continually increasing their knowledge and skills through an extensive in-house training program. Our agency is required by the Department of Mental Health to provide some essential training; however, we provide our staff with training in many areas that go above and beyond what is required. Staff learn “what not to do” in our Abuse Neglect Training, and “what to do“ by attending Positive Behavior Supports, Understanding Autism, and Gentle Teaching. In Mandt, training staff learn a variety of interaction skills to better enable them to avoid or — as a last resort — respond to potentially dangerous crisis situations.

Nova Center has found our Training Programs to be incredibly valuable in terms of increasing the quality of services we provide. As a result, the Training Program continues to grow and evolve in order to better allow us to meet the needs of the people we serve as well as our staff.

All direct care staff are expected to receive training in maintaining current certifications in the following areas :

  • Disease prevention through body substance precautions
  • First aid
  • Adult CPR
  • Abuse neglect awareness and reporting
  • Positive Behavior Supports
  • Understanding Autism
  • Level I Medication Aide
  • Mandt
  • Documentation and Event Report Writing
  • Anti-Harassment
  • Missouri quality outcome in-service