School Programs

School Program/grades K-12


The Nova Center school-age program is located at 2425 S. Hardy Avenue in Independence, Missouri. This program provides educational services to children five through 21 years of age, grades K–12. Students from more than 16 area school districts are enrolled because their home districts are not able to meet their educational, emotional and behavioral needs.

Nova’s small teacher/student ratio (an average of 1:4) and ability to tailor each educational and behavioral program enables many students to succeed when more traditional settings have proven unsuccessful. All teachers are certified in special education and have completed a professional training program incorporating intensive behavioral, sensory, communicative, and positive behavior support training.

The school provides a hot breakfast and lunch program available to all students. A school counselor is available to consult with students, teachers, staff, and parents to provide the students with the support needed to be successful at school. The counselor meets with individual students in small groups of students to solve problems, role-play, and discuss anger management and appropriate peer relationships.

Nova Center School employs a behavior support system called the “Level System.” The philosophy behind this system is to use positive reinforcement to motivate and encourage students to act in a more responsible, positive manner. There are five levels to the system: the higher the level, the more privileges the students receive. The students’ behavior determines their level and related privileges. Daily point sheets are a very important and essential part of our program. Point sheets are a daily communication tool used by school personnel to relay vital information regarding the students’ activities and behavior to parents each day. Parents may access information about Nova Center School, the school calendar, special events and activities, the breakfast and lunch menus, by logging onto the Parent portal.

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